I invited my class tonight to post their feelings, thoughts, and overall experience. I am teaching a three session Kundalini Yoga Class for the summer. I have been feeling a bit drab, perhaps the sweltering heat having much to do with this gloom.

Anyway, tonight we concentrated on balancing the adrenal glands and energizing the kidneys for detoxification. It is fun for me to experiment with all the poses offered in Kundalini. Some are recognizable universal hatha poses such as cat/cow and child’s pose. More often than not, however, the sequence of the night involves some type of pumping the body or gesticulations that are suppose to energize or subdue.  Tonight’s class was no exception as we created a lotus flower shape with our hands expanding our arms out then drawing them in repetitively.

It’s quite fun to feel the body awaken as the mind slips into an intoxicating lull. The poses are followed by a meditation; tonight’s an alternate nostril breathing exercise. The bonus for this series is the gong. The reverberations of the gong cause me to sink deeper in my bliss.


I look forward to hear about others’ experiences. I envision a time when I can share these classes on a much larger scale. It is tantalizing to think of the possibilities of connecting in large group. Regardless, I leave my small class with an expanded sense of community and love for all.

I look forward to a deep sleep followed by a day of true purpose and vision. I look forward to your thoughts.