The third eye or 6th chakra is located between the eyebrows. It is the seat of the “I”s: intuition, introspection, and imagination. It is associated with another “I” word, the color Indigo and compels us to lose the other “I” our ego. When it is blocked, we may feel as if we do not have a sense of direction in life, walking around blindly, in the figurative sense. In addition, since the 6th chakra, Ajna, houses the pituitary, the master functioning gland of the body, general well-being can plummet. One may be sick frequently, develop high blood pressure, migraines (I have chronic migraines!), sinusitis, seizures, and poor vision.

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We have all experienced times of intuitive knowing, that undeniable connection to our 3rd eye, Source, the Divine. Things, people, events, seem to fall into perfect coherence. The opposite of course can be true too. If this area of the body is stuck, we may choose to stay so busy, exhausting ourselves with “must dos” to avoid paying attention to the deeper insightful, intuitive mind.  How many of us try to convince ourselves of our great value when our calendars are so overly scheduled only to find ourselves depleted and uninspired?


So, what to do or not do?

To do:

Well, the first change is to take time for reflection.  Commune with the earth and the trees or find a quiet spot in your home to just breathe! It’s always amazing to me how a seemingly overwhelming project can be completed effortlessly after a breath of fresh air or simple reflection. The project may be deemed not really necessary to do after all!


Not to do:

According to a great article on, a simple rule to follow is this: when we feel lousy, do not trust how we are perceiving things. It’s like we have smudged up lenses in our glasses viewing things out of focus.  When we take action from a distorted, blurred point of view, things just get worse. Wow, what a rule to follow! Do not take immediate action when feeling lousy. Instead –


Do clear your head through meditation, journaling, walking, or perhaps just sleeping on it.


“Going through life without intuition is like driving a car which has no side mirror and nor rearview mirror. All you can see is just straight ahead.” Yoga Bhajan

On another note, I must confess, one of the reasons I was attracted to stimulating this chakra is that it slows the aging process.  Ok, call me vain but what a bonus! In the aging process the pituitary gland can become smaller and may not work optimally. Since the pituitary is in charge of the production of human growth hormone, decreased production can lead to less lean muscle, decreased heart function, and osteoporosis. When we involve ourselves in the meditation for the third eye or movement to enhance the function of the pituitary, we look and feel much younger than our years.


I’ll share with you simple practice to boost the energy of this chakra and the pituitary.

This exercise helps alleviate depression, enhances our intuitive voice, and gives energy to the pituitary.


  1. Sit comfortably on your heels in a kneeling position (if too difficult, do so in an easy sitting pose or use a cushion to support the knees.
  2. Place both palms on the floor and bow your head until your third eye point touches the floor. Focus at the 3rd Eye.
  3. Raise back up,
  4. Continue the bowing motion lightly touch your forehead to the floor each time, keeping the neck and spine relaxed and fluid.


Feel this exercise’s great effects in only 3 minutes.

Gurmukh, (2000) The Eight Human Talents, New York, NY: Harper Collins Publishers, Inc.


Try this bowing exercise for 40 days and see how you feel. I guarantee you will live an inspired life allowing Ajna to open and your life to thrive. Move forward with 20/20 intuitive vision. I look forward to sharing class this week, but for now, I’m off to clean my glasses. Perhaps you should too.


Ellyn Hutton is a Holistic Nurse and Yoga Teacher. She is teaching the chakra series and enjoys learning and sharing to support connection and community. Please share your thoughts!